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Quality: for the Earth

Knights & Walker believes making and marketing only articles of exceptional quality goes a long way in preserving our planet, with the least environmental damage. The thought is simple. We believe, the more we make low quality products, as a civilization, the more number of products we need to make. This is because low quality products do not last. And to make more number of products (of low quality) we need more energy, more raw materials, and more transportation, (than making fewer high-quality products) all of which cause more damage to our environment. Producing larger number of low quality products, we also generate more environmental pollution, more manufacturing waste, and ultimately more trash. In the long run, cheap, low quality products cost more to earth. It isn't really hard to see, is it?

So, that is why we make only very high quality products, each made to last a lifetime. (In the UK, it's around 81 years, right now). We tend to think, creating very high quality products, each of which crafted to last a life time, is a sure way to help environment, and make life sustainable. So, we are basically in disagreement with "luxury" as a reason to make very high quality products. In fact, we do not make luxury products. We want our customers to be able to hand over our products to their children, just the way you would leave the earth for them. And for that we make them of excellent quality, and some people tend to find them luxurious. Our motivation, really, is nothing but the earth. We like you to enjoy the quality of our products; but we like you to enjoy the earth, too. Both, for a very long time.