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Knights & Walker is an environmentally responsible brand that believes one way to reduce environmental impact of our civilization is to make products of high quality that last a life time. The more we make lower quality products as a civilisation, the more products we have to make, and more trash we have to deal with. We believe making and using products of very high quality which endure a lifetime, is a sure way of reducing use of energy, pollution and trash. Knights & Walker therefore strives to produce accessories that match the highest quality often provided by major world brands.

Besides this, Knights & Walker strives to reduce its environmental impact by:

a.      By placing maximum emphasis on online-retail and thereby reducing the need for lighting, weather modification, staff transport etc for on-ground retail. Our retail strategy, therefore allows for only minimal brick-and-mortar retail presence.

b.     We design our products to minimize environmental impact: Firstly, all our bags and small leather goods are real leather, which is totally bio-degradable and is 100% a bye-product of food industry. Secondly, a significant part of our leather product portfolio is designed in a such a way that it requires minimal or no lining or structurally supportive material. We use stronger leather and an open design (you see the flesh-side of the leather) to do away with the need for such material. Therefore, many of our lines use nothing other than leather. Considering lining and structural supports used in leather accessories are often of synthetic origin, this environmentally conscious design effort makes us a lot more environment-friendly.