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Knights & Walker has a very high quality threshold. All Knights & Walker products are designed and produced to last a lifetime under reasonable care. 

All our leather products are made from 100% natural leather. We do not use, in any of our products, any leather-looking substances.

Knights & Walker sources its leather from several distinguished tanneries in Europe. We do not use any leather that is processed outside of Europe.

When specified calfskin, our leathers are really calfskin. We do not designate, as is often done even by very reputed brands, our cowhide as calfskin. Calfskin is the leather processed from the hides of calves slaughtered for veal. This substance is significantly more expensive and has unique grain structure. Most leathers called calfskin in the market are actually leather tanned from regular cowhide.

Except when handmade by designers or accomplished craftsmen, our leather products are manufactured in factories that conform to ISO 9000 and ISO14000 certifications for manufacturing excellence.

Unless otherwise specified, all our metal fixtures are made brass, nickel or zamac. They are at times plated with Chromium, Rhodium, Silver or Gold. It may be noted that both Chromium and Rhodium are substances costing a lot more than gold.

Our silver ware, unless otherwise specified, is Sterling silver.

When used on our products (such as a cuff-link), anything that looks like a gem stone is a real stone. By policy, we do not use any artificially created gem-looking substances on our products.

We source some of our standard components, such as zippers, snap fasteners, lining etc from the specialist global leaders. Often, the snap fastener and zippers we use are the ones you are likely to find on the world’s most expensive leather goods.

Most of our writing instruments are made in brass, while some of them are made in silver. We do not make pens in plastic, or acrylic or 'precious resin'.

We do not make any neck-wear that is not 100% silk with the exception of silk blends with wool. All our silk neck-wear is really 100% silk.

Our wool articles are made from 100% wool, or wool and silk blends. When specified ‘Pashmina’ or ‘Cashmere’, it is made from the wool of the Himalayan Mountain Goat, in Nepal, Tibet or India. When specified ‘Scottish wool’, our wool articles are made from the wool of specific Scottish sheep such as Hiberdian and Jacob’s.