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Frequently asked questions

What is Knights & Walker? Who is behind this brand?

Knights & Walker is a brand of high quality personal accessories. It is owned by Knights & Walker Limited, a company incorporated in London, with its headquarters in West End. You can read more about us here.

Why name a brand Knights & Walker?

These are the surnames of two people dear to us; it's that simple!

How old is Knights & Walker?

We set up our business in 2002. In 2014, that makes us twelve years old.

What kind of accessories does Knights & Walker market?

Primarily, we are a leather accessories brand. But we also have an interest in writing instruments. In near future we plan to offer Silver Cufflinks. We are also working on a few other product categories.

Does Knights & Walker manufacture these products?

We do design our products, from scratch. This is the only way we can ensure they are of the very high standards we are committed to and that they please our sense of aesthetics. We also source all our leather from tanneries in Europe, which are at times custom finished. We develop our hardware from drawings, and get them custom made. However, we do not craft our leather products; we get them made, under very difficult supervision.

Are all Knights & Walker leather products made of genuine leather?

Yes. We have banned this material called 'canvass' because 'canvass' used by many reputed brands is no longer made of cotton, but of synthetic material. They are not wrong to call synthetic fabrics 'canvass' because, 'canvass' is actually the name of a weave, not a material or substance. However, we do not want to make anything that is not bio-degradable, so it doesn't work for us. When we can source cotton canvass in a quality that lasts a lifetime, we may make canvass bags. Also, we do not use any leather looking substances ('faux leather' as some people call them), which are known in the industry as PU (Polyurethane). This is a totally synthetic material very hazardous to the environment and we do not use it. So, everything in our leather lines are not only hundred percent natural leather, they are some of the finest leathers in the world.

Are you making too fine a point about the quality of leather? Leather is leather, isn't it?

No. We are very picky of our leathers because quality of leathers vary a great deal. This depends, of course, on the quality of hides, and the quality of processing and finishing. We believe the best hides are now available in Europe, and we are very happy with the quality (and environmental responsibility) of tanning and finishing with a few suppliers in Italy, Germany and Belgium. Of course, these leathers are a lot more expensive than alternatives available in many other parts of the world, which are at times used even by some of the Bond Street brands. But we do not want to work with inferior leather, because, our quality standards are all that we have.

Is use of leather unethical because it harms animals?

Generally speaking, the view that leather industry harms animals is totally absurd. This is because, mainstream leather is not made by killing animals. The hides which are used as raw material for leather, most often is a bye-product of the meat industry. This means, animals are killed for meat, and not for leather, and leather Industry uses the hides which would otherwise go waste. The only exceptions to this rule is exotic leathers such as Alligator, Crocodile etc, in the case of which the animals are farmed (and killed) for hides only. So, as long as we are talking about bovine leather (or sheep, deer etc. for that matter) leather industry is a very environment friendly re-cycling industry, because, if we didn't use the leather, (which was anyway available once the animal was slaughtered for meat), we would need to manufacture synthetic equivalents for use in our bags. So, if someone uses a 'faux leather' bag instead of a leather bag, they are actually causing more environmental damage, and not saving any animal's life, too.

The argument above, of course, do not apply to the use of exotic leathers wherein the animals are either farmed and killed for leather, or hunted in the wild for leather. We do not use such leather.

What tanneries do you buy leather from?

Hmm, that's being a bit too inquisitive, perhaps? Well, in the interest of being a an exceptionally transparent brand, here goes. Tannerie Masure of Belgium supplies us with Ascott, the leather for Liberation 1833 Select. Joseph Heinen of Germany has created the leather for our line Magna Carta 1215. And Cappiano, our leather for the more affordable Liberation 1833, was made by Conceria Virginia in Italy. All these are world famous tanneries. For our forthcoming lines such as Rights 1689 and Trafalgar 1805, we are working with more German tanneries, which we will announce soon.

Where are your leather products made?

We do not own a manufacturing facility. All our leather lines at the moment are made in a facility in India, where many brands luxury brands get their products made.

Do you offer any warranty on your products?

Of course; all Knights & Walker products come with one year international warranty.

Where do you ship online orders from?

At the moment, everything is shipped from London, UK.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Depends on the shipping method/service you choose and other factors. You may want to see our detailed notes on shipping, here.

What shipping methods are available?

You may find them on this page.

How long do the orders take to ship?

If an item is in stock, it should ship within two business days.

Once I buy, can I exchange or return?

Yes, you can. Here is how.

Where can I find a Knights & Walker showroom?

You are in it! At the moment, we do not have stores of our own, except this online one. We are present in the multi-brand retail environments in several countries. We are currently trying to increase our presence in departmental stores etc. Soon, we hope to establish a limited number of our own retail stores.

I have a Knights & Walker gift voucher. How can I redeem it?

It's not hard, at all. You can enter the gift voucher number in a specific field while you check out. The system will automatically minus the value of the gift voucher from your total bill.

What are the rules regarding gift vouchers?

There are none, except that you can use one gift voucher only once. They don't expire; we make everything to last a lifetime, including our gift vouchers, you see.

I have a complaint about Knights & Walker. What should I do?

You should definitely let us know by writing to us here, and give us an opportunity to address your complaint.

If an item is out of stock, how soon will it come back in stock?

Pretty soon. This is because all our collections are perennial and we keep getting stock of them on a regular basis. You can sign up to be notified when the stock arrives. Typically, any out of stock item should be back in business within 30 days.

What are the payment methods acceptable?

We accept most credit or debit cards. We have Net Banking facilities in some countries. We also offer Pay-Pal payments in countries which allow them. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver against cash-on-delivery, or any other method of payment.