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Knights & Walker creations are most preferred business gifts over last two decades among major world businesses across the continents.  Each product is unique, carefully crafted to perfection, befitting a royal treat whether the recipient is an individual, business partner, employee, or a long term associate or a friend of the company.  Knights & Walker offer a wide variety of corporate gifts, helping you find the perfect gift to thank staff, clients and business partners.

The massive appeal of Knights & Walker products are evident from major corporations preferring brand Knights & Walker for exhibitions, events, conferences, trade fairs, annual parties as the most preferred corporate gift.  Our products find preferences among sports events, product launches and similar occasions on regular basis across all continents.

Our dedicated Business-to-business team is ready to meet your requirements across the globe on a fast track basis. 

Please reach us by email b2b@knightsandwalker.com or thru the following telephone numbers:

UK/Europe: + 44 (0) 7932 635 935

Middle East & Africa: + 971 55 656 2464 / + 971 55  106 9155

India: + 91 99411 80826