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Knights & Walker is a brand of personal accessories owned by Knights & Walker Limited. It is a company headquartered in London, UK. Right now, we would call it a small company, though we do not insist on keeping it that way. It was incorporated in the summer of 2002, and has its offices at Stratford Place, a short walk from the Bond Street station. Over the last twelve years, we did only what they call 'institutional sales'; but we seem to have done it rather well. We sold leather accessories to corporate customers in Europe, the USA and the Middle East, who used them for gifts to business associates. We may add we sold about a million leather articles this way to mostly Fortune 500 companies. We got a bit bored of it perhaps; recently, we hired an obsessive Creative Director and a few difficult to manage designers. These good folk threw out all our old products, and designed a few new lines, well, taking till eternity. And more recently, we launched a retail business selling these products.

The company right now designs and markets a range of leather accessories, besides a limited range of writing instruments. (We might soon begin to offer premium non-leather accessories such as silver cuff-links; in fact, our cufflink lines have been in development for a while.) Our leather accessories are totally made of leathers from Europe: Germany, Italy and Belgium at the moment (These guys wouldn't work with any other leather, you see). And most of our writing instruments are made in Germany. We believe our new portfolio offers some of the finest leather goods money can buy. So, we have a very high quality threshold, and that is linked to our brand philosophy which you may read about below. Naturally, we are not inexpensive. However, we are dead sure our leather products are selling far cheaper than products of comparable quality. Enough said, uh?

And yes, we ship everything from London, UK, to most parts of the civilized world. Please, this is not because we have a Eurocentric view of the world! But because, unfortunately, at this moment, we are unable to afford a decentralized warehousing and fulfillment network in multiple regions. We are aware that this means significant shipping charges for some of our customers who want our products to be delivered in far away cities.  As our presence in brick-and-mortar retail is getting better (though terribly slowly), you may want to check if you can find us in your nearby departmental store.

Thank you for looking us up. And for reading our ideas of our brand, here.