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Liberation Select 1833

A rugged and traditional classic
with natural elegance.

Commemorating abolition of slavery in the UK in 1833, our Liberation Select line is made to meet the highest standards in leather accessories. It is designed to withstand time and trends, like a true classic. And it makes use of the most revered classic in leathers: Ascott line of bark-tanned leather made by Tannerie Masure in Belgium. Fourteen small leather goods available in two colours each. Solid brass hardware, every bit custom crafted. A real pleasure, like liberty. Come, enjoy Liberation Select, a true connoisseur’s edition.


Presidential writing instruments

Pens that you may write your will with,
and also may write about in your will.

Presidential line was developed to offer a range of affordable writing instruments of very high quality, so that each instrument outlives its careful user. The line consists of six variants, each in three writing systems; the fountain, the rollerball and the ballpoint. Made in Germany, every instrument comes with solid metal barrel and cap, finished with multilayered lacquer or chromium plating of superior quality. Try one. You may want to use it carefully, so that when you leave it behind for your child, it may still look new.